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Water Damage – What a Homeowner Must Do

Bandera Flood 2015
Being here means that you are looking for ways on what to do and not to do during a water damage incident. Most of the readers that come here seek ways on how to prevent water damage, mostly because of the flooding we have endured it has already happened to many of them. From your experience, you’ve realized professional water damage restoration is badly needed. Before the next water damage incident occurs, which in some cases is unavoidable, you must have a water damage restoration company’s contact information available. Aside from that, here are some things you ought to prepare to prevent or minimize the damage dealt by the flooding water or the presence of moisture in your home.

Water Damage Insurance

Not many have thought about this, but according to law, it is the customer’s right to choose which company will perform the work in a business or home. You have to exercise your right to prevent yourself from ending up with a contractor, not to your liking. Insurance carriers, by default, have their own recommended companies, wherein the insurance companies have made agreements with them to be the ones to handle water damage losses, and the prices are pre-determined, too. It is your responsibility to be aware of these companies as they rely on referrals from carriers of insurance as this is their livelihood. There are cases like this that result in conflicts of interest. These operators seldom consider your health or well being in their priorities.

Hiring a Certified Specialist in Water Damage Restoration

It is important that you settle with water damage restoration professionals since you don’t want to create more damage to your home, which is what most homeowners today are facing because of the flood dealt by the tropical storm. And such happenings can’t be controlled unless you have already prepared to protect your home. But when damage is done, you need to restore your property back to its normal condition and eliminate the risk to your health. The professional water damage restoration contractor is the one that can manage the project well.

You Want an Experienced and Trained Expert

These professionals need to possess the right knowledge and several disciplines to assure you that your property is in good hands. Some of these disciplines include stopping bacteria from spreading, prevent the growth of molds, secondary damage and the repair of the structure and many of its contents. Added to that, the specialist must be capable of communicating with the victims of water damage and the representatives from the insurance companies with authority and confidence. The structures that have gone through water damage are perfect for breeding mold. Poor ventilation in the indoors can also contribute to the growth of mold as well. Wet materials and the humidity present indoors are the best contributors to the increase of mold. Make sure that you avoid hiring less experienced restoration contractors as they tend to compound the problems because they don’t have the knowledge and expertise yet on how to handle such cases.

Mold Problems In The Home

Mold Needs the Right Environment. Molds usually appear in areas of your house that are humid and have ample moisture. After flooding or rain, expect these molds to start checking in places with suitable temperature, and those spots that have not been completely dried up. Think your roof has a small leak somewhere? Chances are, the molds have gotten there before you have, and are now forming colonies on your in your attic in your walls, and soon will be on tiles, flooring, and even your carpeting. This will require professional mold remediation. Is there a way to stop this from infesting and taking over your entire house? The answer is yes.

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Mold Needs Food

Note: Molds are not exactly like animals, nor are they considered as plants by biologists and taxonomists. Molds belong to the fungi kingdom, and within this kingdom are found parasitic fungi and other forms of fungi. Molds cannot produce their own food the way plants do, so they get their needed nutrients from feeding on decaying matter or even other microorganisms. Because the moist areas in your room are ideal places for bacteria to grow, molds will be there, too. Like bacteria, molds are microscopic, but the colonies they form in a short span of time can multiply to the degree you will need professional mold clean up to rid your home of the infestation.

Eliminate the Environment Mold Requires

How can you prevent molds from entering your home and possibly evicting you from the premises? First, be sure that areas that are commonly exposed to water usages, such as the kitchens and bathrooms, are regularly cleaned with effective disinfectants. These can be in the form of baking soda sprays, chlorine bleach, or even ammonia. Also, it helps to install exhaust fans in your bathroom or kitchen to filter out these microorganisms. If rugs or carpeting get wet, be sure to air dry or sun dry them immediately.

Regular Maintenance Required

Use a dehumidifier if you live in a place where it is often humid. Clean your refrigerator, water dispenser, shower head, dishwasher, as often as possible, using the abovementioned chemicals. On the outside of your home, you can prevent the development of mold by cleaning your gutters regularly. Do not allow leaves to deposit themselves into your gutters as molds can start to grow on them, and find their way inside your house. Remember that if you neglect to deal with the mold problem in your home, they can infest a huge portion of your house, cause structural damage to walls and floors, and create health and safety risks for you and your family. It pays to make the smart move and eliminate the environment mold need to live and multiply.